Change Your Life, Change Your Thinking  And Make Money Online


Will your 2020 be EXACTLY the same as 2019 was? Or do you have a VISION for something bigger and better?

Do you have a plan or will your just life happen to you – like always?

What are you DOING to change your life? When you change nothing, nothing changes….

Do you want to stay in your 9-5? Does this income provide you with the lifestyle you want?  If not, do you even have a plan B?

Is the dream to make money online? Are you serious enough to do whatever it takes?

Are you really ready to change – because that’s what is required?

Your thoughts lead to your beliefs, which lead to your actions which give you results. If you always think the same, you will ALWAYS get the same results.

You are exactly where you are now, because of your thoughts.

If you want different results, you MUST change your thinking.

Einstein famously said “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

I’ve heard all the excuses – used quite a few myself –  but you can either make excuses or you can make a life of your choosing.

If the rich have exactly the same number of hours in their day, as you do with yours – then why are they rich and you are not? The difference is mindset.

Our money mindset is already determined by the time we are 6 years old. Your money blueprint is actually determined by the thoughts of a child!

If you wish to be successful making money online, you will need to focus 80% on changing your mindset and only 20% on the method itself.

In this website, you will discover how you can change your mindset AND discover some of the methods of creating a passive income online.

On this website you will get :

  • The importance of changing your mindset if you want to change your life
  • Discover the value of self hypnosis, visualisation, meditation.
  • Realign your money focus to actually attract money and abundance into your life
  • Get clarity about what you want in life and set effective achievable goals
  • Hot tips on how to manage your money effectively
  • Essential and recommended  reading / video viewing
  • so much more….

I will also detail some of the passive income making opportunities (the methods). These are the methods I’ve explored so far – this list is by no means exhaustive and I do plan on adding to them later.

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Alison Euston - Founder of Digital Lifestyle WizardsAlison’s Short Cut Tips and Hints For Making Money Online


Every new business will need investment either in time, money or both : accept it as part of the deal. The faster route to building your business may take more money than time, the slower route takes more time than money.

Be clear on your budget – time (in my opinion) is more valuable than money – you can always get more money but you will never get more time.

Consider any money spent on educating yourself, on your personal growth and development as an INVESTMENT not a cost. You ARE worth it!

Be very careful with your thoughts – keep them positive. If you know the power of a thought, you’d never have a negative thought again!

Keep your thoughts kind and your words kinder – never berate yourself or others – you ARE worthy and you CAN do this

Your money mindset was decided by the time you were 6 years old – that mean your money blueprint was decided by a child! This needs to change!

Take things step by step – Rome wasn’t built in a day – your overall mindset has taken years to acquire it will not change overnight

Surround yourself by positive supportive people – you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with – choose wisely.

Don’t stay stuck – there is so much help and support out there – just ask

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My tips to the quickest way to make money online

If you’re turned off by “Get Rich Quick Schemes”, well so am I. However, I don’t see any problem using resources around me to help speed up things. The process is less about the method but more about changing your mindset – and since that is the core foundation of your business then it’s worth doing properly.

My big take-home hack is GET SOME TRAINING! – And as much of it as possible! And then TAKE ACTION!  Learn, Do, Learn, Do.

If I can’t do something I either get training or I pay someone else to do it – you simply can’t learn everything there is to know.

Mindset Hacks

You may wish to take advantage of the opportunities to speed up the mindset change with one or more of the following programs:

The Instant Switch
Quantum Abundance Method
15 Minute Manifestation
Rapid NLP
Secret Brain System
Manifestation Miracle
Vibrational Manifestation
Millionaires Brain Academy
Ancient Secrets Of the Kings

Method Hacks
If you have ever heard the expression “The money is in the List” – well it’s true. I suggest you start with creating a list of contacts for your new online business. These are real people who you will need to develop a relationship with. You cannot expect people to buy off a total stranger so build your KLT (Know, Like and Trust). Engage with them, use social media for it’s intended purpose (ie being sociable – not to take photos of your latest meal!).  

  1. Build a list FAST
    I used a small list building company called List Launch Pro – and I have to say Tim, Winter and Amy have been incredibly supportive and totally lovely and very human. They give a step by step guide on how to quickly build a 5000 strong list – I can not recommend them enough if you wish to get going quickly. They are also very big into the importance of mindset so fit very well with my belief structure

    Anyway, you can find more about List Launch Pro by clicking here.
  2. Put your money in GOLD
    This can be a savings plan AND a business opportunity – that’s your call.
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The Instant Switch


The Rubber Band Effect (Can people actually change?) or do they always return to default?

A unique approach to the ‘Law of Attraction’

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Manifestation Miracle

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