Just 5 days to go!

Just 5 days to go!

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5 Pillars to Wealth

5 Pillars to Wealth

In my opinion there are 5 major pillars to wealth – the 5 major sources of income. Below is a brief overview of the 5,  but the aim over the coming months is to dig deeper into each one and show you how you too can have multiple streams of income. We will explore what financial freedom can mean to you. I will interview experts and get their opinions, tips and advice that hopefully will help us reach the abundance we seek and create our own perfect lifestyle.

So let’s crack on and talk about ….

1. Job/Career Pillar
So many of us studied hard at school, went to college, or trained hard to work in a job (or a career if we are lucky)? A job or career still trades time for money.

We spend about 40 hours a week working for someone else’s pension pot, with 20 days worth of holiday per year, only to retire with enough money after 40 years of service which may allow us a holiday a year or to help out a family member.

And the trouble is at the stage in our lives when we have the time to enjoy the money we don’t necessarily have the health or energy to do the things we once planned.And we do this is the name of FEAR.

I will talk more about fear in later blogs and how to overcome it but know each and everyone of us seeks security – the security of a regular known amount of income per week or month.

BUT!  How many of us have worked our buns off in a job only to have the rug pulled out from under your feet?  We all know someone who has lost their job, been made redundant, demoted, or have income reduced in some way. Maybe you too?  We all know someone like that, right? So, where does the money come from now? How are the bills going to get paid? How do we avoid getting in more debt. It sucks right? A just like a real building, if you only have 1 source of income (or 1 pillar) in your life, your financial situation can be unstable and come crashing down.

Would life be easier if you had another source of income so if the one source fails, then you simply pay the bills with another pot of money?  And something you are NOT trading time for money. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against a job/career – it’s a valuable pillar and is often how you start towards the other pillars.

So the aim is to have more than 1 pillar – I suggest a  minimum of 3 pillars (or 3 sources of income) as this provides the building (or financial status) with stability and security. So let’s look at the next pillar.

2. Own Business 

Owning your own business is also a good source of income – the key word is profitable! There are many people who run their own businesses – and many are just in another job, trading time for money – and often way more hours for even less pay, but this time if the business doesn’t work  then you don’t get paid at all, with no paid holiday or sick leave!

On the other hand a successful business owner who has people working for them, earning money for him or her even if they are not actively part of the business is a great source of income. It’s also a potential passive source of income,  earning money while you’re playing golf or riding your horse on the beach.

3. Property 
You can earn money by investing in property – and I don’t mean to live in – that is a liability not an asset (read Robert Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad Poor Dad”) – I mean to rent out to others or become an income – and a regular income. This is known a Passive Income – i.e. you do the work once (buy, renovate then find the right tenants) then reap the benefits over and over in rent each month and you get paid in your sleep or on the beach. You are not trading money for time.

I will not be focusing on this pillar initially as I have chosen to pursue another source (or two) of potential income. I plan on returning to this at a later date.

4. Investments

This could be stocks and share investments, foreign exchange or Forex or trading in crypto currency. I will touch on each of these in following blogs, and be recommending various sources you too can get the necessary education needed to minimise losses and maximise profits.

If you want to find out more about investments before I get chance to write that blog,  then please contact Marcus De Maria and his team at Investment Mastery or email them at admin@investment-mastery.com. (I do not get any referral fee for recommending Marcus but please feel free to mention my name, Ali Euston)

Most people feel that the Stock Market is the gambling ground for the rich – a place where you are likely to lose more than you gain – and for some, most in fact – this is the truth. However, this is mainly because of poor investment choices or poor choices as when to buy or sell.
There are several reasons why managing your own investment fund is beneficial, as opposed to paying a fund manager. Here a just a few:

  • We can invest in more companies (the professionals are very limited and are obliged to follow the exact instructions in your portfolio instructions i.e. if you say to invest in European Oil they can not invest in USA Oil on your behalf)
  • We can enter and exit a trade when we want to, or simply hold our investment pot in cash (if you give your money to a professional to manage for you they have a certain amount of hours in which they MUST invest – even if that means buying the stock at its highest price)
  • We can enter and exit a trade as many times as we like (the Professionals can’t)
  • We can ‘sell short’ and make money on a falling or Bear market as well a rising or Bull market and one that goes across (a Buffalo market)

I will cover more on this at a later date so onto the last pillar.

5. Online Income
This is an absolutely vast pillar – and in fact has many many pillars of its own. Did you know that the keywords “How to make money online” is one of, if not THE top Google searches?
People make money in so many different ways online, for example:
Ebooks, certifications, courses, Coaching, webinars, You-Tube videos, podcasts, e-commerce, affiliate marketing, digital marketing, social media, seminars, influencers, out-sourcing skills like web-design, copywriting, accounting, graphic designs, selling information, education , blogs, reviews – you name it, it’ll be on the list.
The trick is to find something that works for you – there is literally too much choice, and so many options make many of us feel overwhelmed. I too have felt the overwhelm – now I just focus on one or 2 methods and will gradually build on them.

These blogs will document my journey of the methods I’ve chosen. If you have gone a different path and that’s working for you, please drop me a line. I’d love love love to find out about you and what you’ve done to improve your financial situation. Email me on alison@digitallifestylewizards.com – put “MY WAY” in the subject line.


Digital Lifestyles – your own online business

In the beginning…

On August 6, 1991 Tim Berners-Lee, posted a short summary of a project he was working on with CERN on the alt.hypertext newsgroup and the World Wide Web born –  a new technology which would fundamentally change the world as we knew it. The  slow and clunky dial-up was replaced by broadband in 2000 with only halfof all internet users using broadband as recently as 2007. 

Nowadays broadband is common place and we  take this disruptive technology for granted.  We have an amazing opportunity to take advantage of one of the most exciting times in the history of humans, with affordable access to internet, business models, gurus, unlimited education, support, social media and so much more. This is a disruptive technology and has completely reshaped our thinking and our expectations of what is possible – and we have access 24/7 via our mobile phones, laptops, tablets and even our watches!

People’s mindsets have changed – but our schooling system has not  – we do not prepare our children for the world in which they enter. We are SO conditioned and indoctrinated that our purpose in life is to study hard at school, get a degree, get a job which we then spend a huge proportion of our time working to build someone else’s pension plan. We work 11 months of the year for the mortgage company, credit card or tax man and only 1 month of the year for yourself – Have you ever done the maths??!!  I so recommend you read Robert Kiosaki’s book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” ….

What is a digital lifestyle?

So what is a digital lifestyle? Well, in my opinion it’s creating an income online so that you can choose what you do with your time.

Its an open 24/7 business that can earn you money while you are asleep

It’s about choosing when, where and how often I work (all I need is an internet connection and my laptop right?)

It’s having enough funds to travel where you like, spend time with the people you love or like  and buy what you like when you like.  It’s about choice –  how do you want your life  to look or are you going to let someone else decide that?  

Our children know more about technology,  IT and apps than possibly the entire of my generation put together – and typically they are self taught from information acquired from the internet. There are more young digital millionaires than there have every been before.  But the point is the information and opportunity exists and any age, sex, creed, colour etc has access to it and they simply need to just take ACTION! 

So why would someone leave their 9-5 and seek out a digital lifestyle?

There are many reasons why people may strive for  a digital lifestyle – these are just some of them but I’m sure you will come up with more too (by the way, I’d love to know your reasons so please comment below – what inspires, moves and motivates you?). Some of these may resonate more than others.

Money/job reasons

Can only earn so much in a day

Cant earn more than the boss

Too much month left at the end of the money

Always living from pay check to pay check

Little opportunity to save

Cant afford the things you want to do or have in your life

Items on your bucket list remain un-checked

Constantly fighting for recognition and promotion

Under appreciated, over worked and under valued

Been made redundant/lost job and have to retrain

The passion has gone from the 9-5

Sick of the commute

Tired of late, overcrowded expensive public transport

Tired of being stuck in traffic jams and expensive parking fees

Tired of working very long exhausting days (and nights)

Exhausted from stress and/or depression

Family reasons

Need more time with family and friends

Need to be a carer for someone else

Have small or school aged children

Need more than 2 weeks holiday per year

Being mums (or dads) taxi is hard to juggle around work hours

Constantly living life watching the clock (too much to do, so little time)

Lack of self confidence/depression/ill health

I recently had the dubious pleasure of clearing my late uncle’s house after his passing – I would not have been able to do so if I was working a 9-5. I’m still mum’s tax for my 2 “kids” (now 18 and 20) and giving them driving lessons – again I would struggle to do so if I had a regular job. My dad is 90 and in a wheelchair and needs some help with his care – not going to happen if I was in full time employment. I help my friend with her daughter’s school run … you get the picture – I wouldn’t be able to do any of these things if I was in a 9-5 job. My digital lifestyle has provided me with CHOICE.

Disadvantages of a Digital Lifestyle

BUT there are disadvantages of a digital lifestyle too so it’s only fair to point these out as well.

The abundance is not instant and it may take months or even years for you  to see any improvement in your finances. Don’t give up – there are over $3 Billion (yes, with a B) worth of transactions on line per week – you only need a tiny weeny percentage of that to notice a BIG difference in your circumstances. However, I don’t recommend you quit your day job until you receive your target passive income on a consistent basis.

There is no pension scheme, no sick pay, no health care scheme

You are soley responsible for your success AND your failures – there is no one else to blame or congratulate.

The online business world can be a very lonely one – you may not even interact with another human for ages – which is why it’s SO important to find an online business with a Tribe or group for support, communication, ideas, friendship etc. In my experience I have met some amazing people who will be my life long friends now.

Don’t forget you will get out what you put in so work smarter not harder. Results will of course vary for person to person and there are no guarantees at all so be wary of those that make such promises. But there are strategies which have been proven to work so as long as you can follow instructions you should improve your financial situation.

Get educated and always keep learning!  And then take ACTION! Don’t get paralysis by analysis – take action even if it’s not perfect action  – you can fine tune stuff later

Have criteria when selecting an online business – what would suit you best?  What would fit with your values an beliefs? If you’re going to spend your precious time doing this, make sure you’re going to love doing it! Life is too short doing something that you don’t feel the lurv for (That includes digital lifestyles as well as a 9-5 job)

Criteria for my perfect digital lifestyle business

So I listed my criteria of what the perfect business had to have..

  • It HAD to have a bias towards helping people grow and improve their lives
  • It HAD to have a positive support community or a Accountability Tribe
  • It HAD to have honesty and integrity and not be a get rich quick scheme.
  • It HAD to be in line with my much needed mindset change and support my mindfulness, attitude and personal growth development.
  • It HAD to manage my follow ups – I am not into cold calling or spamming people so any business I was associated with had to have a support team and a back office to support my sales and follow up.
  • It HAD to provide all the training and support I needed in order to make a serious go of this.
  • It HAD to have a product or service I connected with and in keeping with my values.
  • It HAD to have the potential for huge growth.
  • It HAD to be run and managed by people with similar integrity and mindset.

So, I want a lifestyle business which establishes a really good core foundation that can build a really solid business on top – and this will not happen overnight or be a get rich quick scheme. It’s not so much about the destination, but the journey; a marathon not a sprint.

Your list may well be different from mine – some of these online businesses have a monthly subscription or an up front training fee etc, If you’re going to invest in yourself, make sure you know what the compensation plans are, what it’s going to cost you upfront. Make sure it’s the right investment for you – and then stick to it – give it a fair chance to work (you’ve done your homework so you should be ok) Don’t do the shiny object thing and jump from one business to another.

F : Follow

O: One

C : Course

U : until

S :  Successful

Anyway – go ahead, take action, set out your perfect fit criteria, do some research then commit to taking the next step towards your own digital lifestyle and your financial freedom.

Dreams without action will always just be dreams….