The first step to earning any money as an affiliate marketer is to actually affiliate yourself with a product – this may be your own product or one someone else has created, like those listed in Clickbank for example.

Clickbank is the largestĀ  product and services marketplace and they are the ones who will pay you once you’ve made a sale.

1. Setup ClickBank Account – click here to create Clickbank account

    1. Fill in your name and address
    2. Enter your bank details
    3. Create a nickname for your account and set password
  1. In order to create a list of clients you need an autoresponder to capture and store your leads (or people). You will then use the auto responder to automatically email the people on your list. The aim is to build a good relationship with these people as then they are more likely to but more from you (as you’ve already established your KLT – Know, Like and Trust)
  2. 2. Setup Auto responder – click here to create Aweber account
    1. Login to Aweber and the click on Manage Lists on the top blue bar
    2. Create a List and complete the form. You can not use a Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo address, you have to use a domain email – ie a business. You can buy a domain name very cheaply.
    3. Describe your list and give a brief description of what it is about.
    4. Approve message and create list
    5. Click on Manage Lists on the top blue bar and select your list.
    6. To disable double opt-in, click on confirmed opt-in and scroll down to slider at bottom of page and set slider to off. You should get a pop-up window “Are you sure you want to disable Confirmed-Opt-In for webform submissions?” and select “Yes” and “Save Settings”
    7. Set your signature so that when you email anyone, it automatically adds a signature so you don’t have to. Manage Lists (top blue bar), List options, Personalise your list and enter your email signature and ‘Save Settings”
  3. Click on Manage Lists (top blue bar), List options, Basic Settings and note the Aweber list ID – you will need this later
    Need Web Id too – Manage Lists (top blue bar) FormNow I dont pretend I did this journey by myself. I enlisted the help of Winter Vee and Tim Terrango from list Launch Pro – the fastest way to build a list (and all the eduction and training neededĀ  – a jump start in the right direction.
    Access LIST LAUNCH PRO here and give yourself a head start building your list too.